Store Policies

Shopping policy

Only orders and purchases processed through MLG website will be accepted. MLG does not accept orders via emails, WhatsApp, texts and or social media direct messages. Customers who insist in other channels of purchasing including the above do so at their own risk. We do not guarantee a speedy processing, accurate item dispatch or the fulfilment of the customer's order if they insist in purchasing through these other channels.

Exchange Policy

MLG will accept an exchange of an item in its new, unaltered and free from damage state from the customer.  For a full exchange, please mail us the item within 24 hours upon receipt of the original order. Unfortunately exchanges will not be issued if the customer did not mail us within the time specified. If the item is out of stock the customer will be refunded with a store card.NO CASH REFUNDS!!!!

Sizing Policy

It is MLGs objectives to cater to the diverse African body silhouette which is an exciting but daunting task. A sizing chart will be available for sizes XS, S,M,L,XL,XXL, XXXL, XXXXL. The sizes specified will be standard sizes in the provided sizing chart. Unfortunately sizes can not be altered. Once a customer has purchased an item they MUST ensure their sizing is correct as a refund will not be issued for incorrect sizing. However an exchange will be processed if sizes are available in stock. Length of items will be specified in the description of the item. Customers are urged to be sure of their height as the dissatisfaction of the length of an item does not qualify for an exchange or return.


Unfortunately MLG does not offer alteration services and therefore the sizes specified will not be changed.

How to return items

Items may be returned to:

Monde Le Grand, The Social Gallery, The Pavilion.

Jack Martens Dr, Dawncliffe, Westville, 3611


cell no 0710816256.

Refund Process.

The customer is to please forward an email to and or with their order number in the subject line and thereafter detailing their reason of exchange in the email and to include their emails and contact details. Upon receipt of the returned item, a store card will be issued within 5 working days to the customer for the purchase of any other item,


MLG does NOT offer CASH refunds for any item purchased.

The following items do not qualify for a return and or refund:

Zip malfunctions

Button Malfunctions

Length of item

Dissatisfaction of the colour of the item.

Incorrect perception of the image advertised.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RUSH ORDERS! Please be advised of the above turnaround times.